The studio of your choice



We have TV streaming studios for your digital meeting in Central Stockholm.

  • Studios for Companies digital meeting.
  • Studios for TV production
  • Studios  will get  your companies name in our
  • Studio window and on your event sight,  when you rent our studio.
  • Studio for podcast will get  your companies name when rent our studio.

We want our customer to be satisfied so we always find a  production for your budget.


We have all you need for streaming your production with professional tv crew and TV Equipment for your production.

  • Seminaries
  • Talk show
  • Finance hearing
  • Company presentations
  • Interviews
  • Panel discussion
  • Release party
  • Digital kick off
  • Zoom meeting
  • Education.


  • Tv producer from Event and TV
  • Tv cameraman from Event and TV
  • Visionmixer from Event and TV
  • Sound technician from Event and TV
  • Streaming technician from Event and TV
  • Editors from Event and TV
  • Tv producer from Event and TV
  • Production team from Event and TV